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What is Tae Kwon Do?
Tae Kwon Do is the unique Korean martial art of self-defense. It is a martial art that employs kicking, punching, jumping, blocking, dodging, and deflecting blows as fundamental techniques using the hands and feet. Translating from Korean, Tae Kwon Do means “the way of the foot or fist” or “the art of kicking and punching”. It is important to emphasize that, while Tae Kwon Do is a powerful system of self-defense, training requires and focuses on the development of mental and moral strength and self-discipline in its students. Tae Kwon Do is a philosophy of self-control, self-restraint, respect, fairness, kindness and humility, as well as dedication to self-improvement.
Tae Kwon Do is a state of mind, body, and spirit.

Tae Kwon Do Today
The popularity and practice of Tae Kwon Do has grown very rapidly in the last 20 years. With more than 20 million practitioners and students worldwide, Tae Kwon Do is one of the most popular Asian martial arts. From pre-schoolers to senior citizens, male and female, the ranks of Tae Kwon Do students are swelling at an astonishing rate. Public awareness of and interest in Tae Kwon Do as a sport and as a method of self-defense have increased greatly in recent years. The ever growing surge of worldwide interest in Tae Kwon Do competitions has led to becoming an Olympic sport. In 1988, satellite television focused worldwide attention on Tae Kwon Do as a demonstration sport at the International Olympic Games in Seoul, Korea. Tae Kwon Do became an official medal sport of the Olympic Games in the year 2000 in Sydney, Australia.

What can Tae Kwon Do Offer?
People study Tae Kwon Do for a myriad of reasons: some to develop self-confidence, some to condition themselves mentally or physically, and others strictly as a means of self-defense in an increasingly unpredictable world. While developing self-defense skills, the study of Tae Kwon Do can result in improvements in physical fitness, flexibility and coordination, concentration, self-confidence, and the ability to cope with stress. It also offers the opportunity to enjoy participation in an exciting sport.

Who can take Tae Kwon Do?
Anyone, regardless of age or gender, can learn the ancient and timeless art of Tae Kwon Do.

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