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White Belt rules:

  1. Do your best.
  2. Improve every time.
  3. Don’t hurt anyone or yourself . . . RESPECT.
  4. Have fun!

Many of our rules encourage us to show respect for ourselves and others.

  • Bowing is a sign of respect in our Dojang. Bow when entering or leaving the Dojang, when stepping on and off the training area, upon greeting Black Belts (hello and goodbye), and to your partner during the course of training.
  • Students should respond with yes (or no) ma’am (or sir) in conversation with instructors.
  • Students should turn away from the instructor or partner when adjusting their dobok (uniform) or ddi (belt).
  • Students are encouraged to participate in class enthusiastically, however they should avoid disruptive conversations.
  • No shoes on or in the training area.
  • There will be no use of profanity or inappropriate language in the Dojang.
  • Do not lean on walls when wearing your dobok.
  • Keep your dobok clean. This is a reflection on you as a student, as well as the instructor and the Dojang.
  • Changing rooms are provided for your convenience. Please remember this is still part of the Dojang and behave accordingly.

Other rules promote safety in the Dojang.

  • No jewelry should be worn in class except a wedding ring.
  • Students may not engage in free sparring without proper sparring gear and direct supervision of the instructor.
  • Drinks should be kept closed and off the training area.

And some rules simply allow the school to be run in an organized way.

  • All students are responsible for turning in their attendance cards in the box near the door.
  • Shoes should be put away in the shoe racks near the door.
  • Gear bags should be put along the walls in the changing rooms.
  • Bottled water and other drinks are available in the refrigerator in the office for $1. Drink cards may also be purchased . . .
  • On Fridays and Saturdays you may wear a Lim’s T-shirt instead of your dobok top.
  • Lim’s Tae Kwon Do Academy is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
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